Sex uncomfortable during pregnancy: is it normal

It's perfectly normal! I've always had a very high sex drive, and I distinctly remember the time that I thought.. hmm.. this isn't fun anymore (I never thought I would say that.. ever). I was, shall we say, in an upright position and realized how big my tummy had gotten. Of course I've always been a bigger gal and I was also 8 months pregnant but wow, lol it's like I was smothering the bf. haha. I can look back at it and laugh now but at the time it was so disappointing!

So that's what was uncomfortable for me, mixed with SPD that made me not able to spread my legs at all, all of the added weight on my back, my hips, things getting a bit dry. All added up it seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth.

I don't ever remember it being painful though, just uncomfortable. So I would say that if it's actually painful, you should talk to your physician and make sure it's still okay to be having sex. Some people need to be put on pelvic rest for a variety of reasons and it's very important to heed their advice if that's what they're suggesting.

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