Mother in law went nuts.

Let me explain my mother in law a bit. She has depression, jealousy isseues, ocd, constantly nervouse, never stops calling even when we cant answer or tell her we are busy, complains she dont see the grandkids like some other grandparents.
Well yesterday all day starting at 5am she called my brother in law about all day, and called my husband starting at 8am. My brother in law is busy with work(got a new job), kids and their activites, and is on fitness program. So he rarely has time and only plans at last minute. But he makes time to see his wifes grandparents at their cottage which now pisses of mother in law. Well brother and law lives 45mins away as his wifes parents live down the road.
My mom sees the boys every weekend and she always makes time to do so or take them by her friends house which is 5mins away. Mother in law lives about 20mins away.
Now i get her anger and jealousy as she rarely sees her grandkids, but neither does my father in law. She wants us now to take time out and go to her like we do to other grandparents who live by us.
So she called and bitched and compalined. She even went to the extent of saying she took the grandkids pics down and said to her the grandkids dont exist.
I told my husband thats childish and if she wants to take her anger out on grandkids why should i even get her vincents 9month pics if her grandkids dont exist. I for sure thought wow.
I then told my husband fine lets invite her to our house for dinner every other week, invite her to all kids sporting events. She turns it down i will use it against her. He said no dinner but kids sporting stuff sure. If she turns it down i will be pissed and can gurentee she will hear words.
There was a time i invited her to haidens last soccer game and she turned it down because of dr apotiments. Gee dr apoitments can be resechuled but grandsons game cant. There have been times i am in a bind and ask her to watch the kids for me but she makes up and excuse.

    The second anyone starts with the guilt trip stuff I back waaaaay up. That's what she was doing with the "Grand kids don't exist" crap. She could have talked to you like an adult and said she would love to see them more often, not acted like a tantruming toddler.

    Honestly, it sounds like your husband isn't all that concerned with the relationship. Follow his lead on this one. I wouldn't force a relationship he doesn't seem to feel needs much change.
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