It's never too early to potty train, as long as YOU'RE ready

In most parts of the world potty training begins at birth. Disposable diapers aren't common and even cloth diapers aren't used because nobody wants to waste their limited water supply on cleaning poop. They use methods like elimination communication to learn their baby's cues so they can get them to an acceptable place to relieve themselves.

Even in developed countries, like the US, potty training usually began well before a baby turned one until the mid 1900's. Even in 1957 the average age to start potty training was 11months. Most kids were daytime dry by 2 and nightime dry by 3 at the latest.

I don't buy into the whole "wait until they show signs of readiness" thought process. In fact, it's rumored that the doctor who published a study saying you should wait was actually paid off by diaper companies who wanted to sell more diapers. If kid's in Africa can learn to relieve themselves on cue by the time they're 6-10 months old, why do US babies have to wait?

I started doing casual potty training with Avery at 7 months old and she pooped and peed the very first time we put her on the pot. Now she's a year and we go diaper free almost every morning and she uses the potty 3-4 times. She definitely understands what the potty is for and tries to go every time I put her on it. The only catch is that it's a big commitment for parents. This is true no matter what age you start, but with a baby who isn't quite talking you have to be a lot more aware of potty signals. They won't be able to get your attention the way an older child will. You have to be committed to get them to the potty often enough that they don't have an accident. Patience is key.

So if you're willing to put the effort into potty training I say go right ahead!

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      That is so awesome Taylor!! I've heard of elimination communication starting as early as just a few days old, but I've never had the guts (or dedication) to actually try it. I think it's awesome that you were able to do this with Avery!! How does she tell you when she needs to go?
      She squats right before she poos so I know I have to get her to the potty quick. Pee is a little harder so we're still working on it. When it comes to that I just try to put her on the potty often enough so her bladder is empty while she's playing.

      I want to teach her to sign potty now that she's using more hand motions to communicate. We took a break the last week or so because she's weaning and I didn't want it too be too much for her. I'll try it when we get back to it though.
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