Toddlers throwing things...

I think this is pretty common behavior. Imagine if you suddenly had no good way to communicate to anyone around you. Wouldn't you get frustrated? Toddler's brains grow really fast and all the new information they take in can create an overload. That coupled with an inability to express yourself equals irrational behavior. Throwing things is the best way they can come up with to express their feelings.

It's important to start implementing consistent consequences as soon as this behavior starts. Remove them from the stimulus and have them sit in your lap until they relax. Talk calmly but firmly and repeat "it's not okay to throw things. We'll go back to playing when you can play nicely".

Moms Expertise
    So very true!! I can't even imagine how frustrating it is for toddlers. They can't communicate and have so much going on in their little worlds!! I'd probably throw stuff and have tantrums too!
      8Theresa Gould
      Great advice. It would be nice if we could see their thought process, imagine how much easier parenting would be!?
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