Gifted children in the classroom: special challenges

Many times when children are especially gifted, they get labeled as a problem child. This is because they are often bored by the instruction in the class, finish their work early, or just have no reason to listen to the same concept or theory explained more than one way.

2 of my cousins struggled with this a lot - they were constantly acting up in class out of boredom and would get in trouble for being disruptive after they had finished their work. It was unrealistic to expect them (at their age at the time) to sit quietly while their classmates finished their work many times a day, but their teachers really didn't have many other options.

If you think your child is gifted and is acting up in class because of boredom, talk to your child about things they could do. We had my cousins start creating work for themselves. If they finished a math exercise early, we gave them other ideas for math exercises they could make up - start figuring out how many ceiling tiles are on the ceiling and how many different ways you can find out how many there are. If they finished a reading exercise early - we would tell them to try reading it again and see if they found any words or ideas that they had missed the first time reading it. We also had them play a game to see how many words they could find in the classroom, or choose one word in the assignment and see how many words they could make out of the letters in that word. Basically any game that involved sitting quietly, but still using their brain in a way related to what the other children were doing.

What other quiet games can you think of that might occupy an exceptionally bright child?

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