Standing up for kids

So I've heard a lot of stories lately about companies/people being mean to young kids and their parents. There was that story about the 3 year old and her mom who were almost forcefully removed from a plane because the little girl peed in her seat after the flight attendant wouldn't let her use the bathroom. Then there was that little girl who was kicked out of a KFC because she had scars from being attacked by a dog and "her face scared the other customers".

What is wrong with these people? I mean, seriously, these are CHILDREN. Cut them some slack, put yourself in there shoes, BE AN ADULT. If we treat kids this way we're setting the worst example possible. They'll all grow up and treat each other that way too.

If I'd be in any of these situations, even as a bystander, I would have stood up for these kids. Go ahead and kick me off the plane or out of the restaurant too. At least that little kid and their parents will know they don't have anything to be ashamed of.

Is it just me, or do you think the world has gone nuts lately too?

    I think the world has been nuts for a long time... the difference now is that people that aren't there can hear about it thanks to the media... even more so, movements can be started and groups of people that are upset about it can band together thanks to the internet.
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree. I was appalled by those two stories. My husband told me about the plane incident and then I just read about the KFC story today.
        I think that people without kids really don't understand much about kids, to be honest. The flight attendant was a jerk, yes. But she probably had no idea that the child couldn't hold it. The KFC worker was probably an immature jerk along with the customer who complained.

        Regardless of any of that, I agree that some people need to remember to be compassionate towards little ones.

        And also keep in mind, happy stories don't make the news, or very rarely do. The news reports the hell out of negative things, unfortunately. Here's an example of a NICE story, but it will never get national attention.…
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