Just a Mommy Moment...

Nina's so cute...just walking around the apartment as fast as she can, dragging various toys to other places, bringing her bottle everywhere, squeaking and laughing. A little while ago we were playing on the couch and she kept going for the lamp so i kept pulling her back which she thought was hilarious. I absolutely love it when she's happy.

    8Theresa Gould
    Aww...(I am saying that a lot lately but it truly is my first response!) I love that! I enjoy listening to our children play contentedly too. Today has been a little rough as everyone is hot and irritable so we are working through bouts of those things. We haven't turned on our air conditioning yet because our electric bill has been so high lately with the watering, heat lamps on chicks etc. :(
      There is nothing better than a laughing baby!! Hayden has the most amazing laugh. I will act like a total nut if it means she laughs at me!
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