Twin Girls: What you need for the first month

I've never had twin girls (I wish!) but I would imagine you need the same things as you would for a singleton baby, just double of everything!
You'll need:
- a place for them to sleep
- diapers & wipes
- a few outfits - I loved the little gowns as they made diaper changes easy
- a way to feed them - either breastfeeding or bottles/formula
- car seats so you can take them home from the hospital, and to their doctor appointments

That's really probably all that you NEED. There are a lot of other things that may make things easier on you as a parent - a swing, bouncer, pacifiers, white noise machine, etc but a baby actually NEEDS very little.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I've never had twins either though my oldest often prayed for me to have twins! I can imagine it would be double exhausting too!
    I've prayed for twins, but I guess it wasn't my thing. That's OK. I got three amazing kids and we are totally happy with our family!
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