My [estranged but we see each other daily cuz of our little angel) husband is having an angiogram and possible stent placement tomorrow. He is not obese but definitely needs to lose about 15 lbs. Has anyone tried Nurtisystem and if so, what did you think? He tried dieting on his own and was not successful. Thanks!

    I have heard some people having success with weight watchers but I've also heard of others not having success. Personally I like here I have on-line support, a way to track all of my food intake, exercise, write down my weight loss goals, join groups (spark teams) that have similar interests as me, lots of health information, and the list goes on and on. My favorite 'tool' to use is the food tracker because I can see exactly what I've eaten meaning how much fat, carbs, protein, salt, calcium and any other nutrient I'm interested in. If you do decide to sign up, it is free and I ask you put me as your referral my user name is wilsod1.
      I tried the Belly Fat Free diet. I didn't like it because I had to eat so much (5 - 6 times a day), but I did lose weight. It's all natural, and you eat real food. Plus the diet is inexpensive.
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