A Cold as an Early Pregnancy Symptom?

I haven't been on here for days, but I may (fingers crossed) have news! The last week and a half I've been so exhausted, not sleeping well, been randomly nauseous and dizzy, and having crazy mood swings. Since the tata's were sore as well, I just assumed Aunt Flo was coming to visit, as my time was close. Then, I developed a sore throat and stuffy nose. Next, Aunt Flo is still a no show (3 days late). I got to thinking: my last pregnancy, I got a cold and was miserable. It was one of the things that had the older women I worked with convincing me to take a pregnancy test. So, now I'm playing the waiting game! I'm going to wait until Saturday to take a test, just to see if Aunt Flo whips out her GPS and finds me after all. Here's my question: Did any of you ladies develop cold symptoms in the beginning of your pregnancy?

    You are waiting to take a test?!?!?! Come on, pee on one right NOW!! Haha! I have no patience. Good luck!

    I did not get cold symptoms at the beginning of my pregnancy.
      PEEEEE!!! Lol
        Oh are we supposed to be? Lol
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