i need mommy help

my daughter is very smart but has no interest in learning at all. she wont even watch TV and i cant get her to focus im all out of ideas....HELP!!

leave it on ALL day XD lol
you just have to do little at a time. start with easy things. kado hates cards or anything.
he just said Ocho from poking a button on his " laptop"
he has lots of toys that say what things are. but normally i just follow him around and tell him things he has or randomly count his things, repetition! doesnt even know hes learning! but he just learned 5 knew words in the last 2 days. and i swear he read a single word the other day lol
    It is common for some children her age to have no interest in TV. Get her puzzles and learning toys. Read her plenty of books. She will learn plenty from you just by doing regular daily things and from hearing you read and speak.
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