Switching to a Toddler Bed...Any Issues?

Nina made the switch to her new toddler bed tonight! It was a pain to put together and due to two upside down pieces and an accidentally broken and carefully fixed slat, the rails are just never going on there, but it holds up and is low to the ground. I never claimed to be a professional, and you're supposed to have two people put it together, not one, lol...

ANYWHO! I was worried she might have troubles transitioning to it...I've heard some horror stories about babies and toddlers who just did -not- like their new beds. I cleaned up her room, put her old mattress in the new bed with her familiar fitted sheet and one of her favorite blankets and gave her some water...and she doesn't have a single problem with it! Woo! She's all snuggled up in the corner against the wall, cuddling her blanket and sipping her water. The door is open but baby-gated, her toys are cleaned up and in the organizer and The Little Mermaid is lulling her back to sleep. I keep peeking in there to make sure she's still ok, and she's still just snuggled up there, no problems at all.

I've heard some of you talk about how your kids didn't even want to go to their cribs from your bed/bassinet! Nina started out from day 1 in her crib and never had troubles with it...I'm hoping that since the toddler bed is in the same spot the crib was, she watched and "helped" me put it together, and it has the same mattress and bedding, she'll continue to be comfy with it.

Did your little ones have troubles switching over?

Switching to a Toddler Bed...Any Issues?
    Neither of my girls had an issue transforming their crib into a toddler bed. Though I will say the girls knew I was going to change their bed to the next stage. A few days before the transition I asked for their thoughts on having a new/different bed. Then the girls watch me/help me transition their bed. The girls loved their beds being transitioned and having the freedom to get into and out of their bed whenever they want.
    Nina's not old enough to really understand yet, so I figured letting her "help" me lol and see it all go down would make it easier. Plus, she can get in and out of it easily without me having to worry about her hurting herself, and I've got the room pretty baby-proofed and the door gated. This way if she wakes up earlier than usual, she isn't just stuck crying in the crib. She can get up and play.
      Ha, that's such a great picture! I hope she continues to like it!
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