Your Favorite Pants

Do you have a favorite pair of pants? I didn't, for a while, since I'm still working on losing all this leftover baby/stress weight...I've had the same wardrobe since Freshman Year of high school, when I weighed a very awesome I'm strolling around in size 18 ladies pants and my husband's shirts, trying to banish this fat and dreaming of the new wardrobe I want once I reach my goal weight...

I recently took the chance of ordering some new work-out clothes from Wal-Mart's online store to go bike riding/walking in, since it gets to 90 degrees by 9 am here now, and my poor old clothes are just getting worn out...

Let me say this. I scored the freaking jackpot with these pants. They are size 18 Ladies Fitted Stay-Dri Sweat Pants...and Holy. Poop. They are so comfy! I only got two pairs, and they both fit in a miraculous blend of perfect and comfort. I also got matching shirts for them, which are almost as comfy, though it's all about pants. Shirts can be shrugged off in a sort of comfort, but walk in them, run in them, jump, chase a baby around, ride a's all about the pants.

Do you agree? Do you have a favorite set of pants? Would you even ever chance buying clothes online?

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