Sigh... I've got it so bad.

Ed works for the railroad. For the most part, the hours are fine but there are times like today that they are installing a new signal (he is a signal maintainer) and they need him far away. They treat him so great, it's just part of the job.

So he went to be far away today and they weren't ready so he came home for a little while until he needs to go back, which will probably be around midnight or so. My favorite part of every day is to snuggle up to him at night. Aside from Charlie stuff, there is nothing better in this world than feeling and hearing him breathe next to me at night.

Sigh... And Charlie fell asleep before bedtime, I should have kept him awake but I know that the routine will be thrown off anyway so I broke the rule and just let him sleep.

All I want to do is go snuggle up to him but he needs sleep. Train tracks are not the place for tired men whose girlfriends are emotional weirdos.

lol sheesh. Obsessed much? I know. Put your big girl pants on Alissa..for Pete's sake.

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