The Children's Place baby clothes: do you like?

I like very much! I remember getting clothes there for ME when I was little haha. I think their clothes are very nice and pretty durable. They always seem to have some sort of sale going on when I walk by too haha. I don't go there much, but I do love their stuff! And I know some of Lucas's clothes are from there even though we got it at goodwill. Still in great condition too!!! See? Durable! lol :D

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    I do like a lot of them too. It's often hard to find cute boys clothing in comparison to girls however if I'm not at goodwill, or Ross, I tend to find awesome deals at the outlets. A place called Harstrings has nice clothes too. I like to bargain shop as well and get things on off season for following year or even find coupons. They tend to help a lot too. Some places offer coupons just for subscribing via email. :-)
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