Thank you, Credit Card!

I don't use our credit card often, but I was glad to have it today! I had my eye exam which was quick and easy and Nina behaved wonderfully despite staying up almost all of last night. I picked out two new pairs of glasses (and my insurance only covers new glasses for Active Duty Military, not their spouses, so, poo). Both have anti-reflective lenses AND transitional lenses so they'll become as good as sun glasses outside...I picked two different styles of frames, just for fun and so I have a backup pair if I accidentally destroy my glasses again lol! It cost $1,128.60 for both pairs, but since I bought a second pair, I got a 20% discount on the second pair, so it was bumped down to $948.60 which is a very nice chunk down in price. Unfortunately, my husband took the credit card with him by accident when he got deployed, BUT I know he's forgetful like that so I had already written down the information for it, so yay! Thank you, Credit Card, for my new awesome glasses. They'll be here in 4-10 business days.

Nina spent the entire time charming the doctors and staff and other patients, being cute and toddling around. Now she's all tuckered out!

It is a lot, but I figure, they're going to last for years, I want them to be good, so I don't mind paying extra for the special lenses or getting a second pair with a different frame. Gives me a bit of variety, too, other than just a back-up. Plus, even though it might take a week to get them, they'll be here faster and in better shape than Wal-Mart or the Nex's.
    8Theresa Gould
    Glad you will be outfitted with new glasses! We have five children, plus my husband and I who wear glasses and we need to get at least three of them in asap because their eyes have changed that much. We will be thanking our credit card too.
    We only have the one, too, but we don't usually spend much. The credit card is solely for big things, like furniture, doctor visits,'s not too hard for us to pay off, but other than groceries we don't usually buy anything other than the occasional splurge (like on all of nina's new stuff lately)...but when they showed me how much the glasses were, it just like...Damn! Thank yoooouuu Navy Federal.
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