Constant crying because of teething

First of all make sure it's just teething. I have heard of kids getting ear infections while teething (not sure how..but I have heard of it)... Gently touch right below and a little behind their ear lobe, if it's tender or swollen, there is an ear infection.
Teething remedies we use around here... deer, beef or buffalo jerky (closely supervised of course), cold wash rags, frozen teether rings, homeopathic teething tablets ( or any local store has Hyland's brand, just follow the instructions on the bottle you have), cat nip and very rarely orajel. Usually the cat nip takes care of it if nothing else will.

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I discovered it with my now two year. I had never heard of it either. Calms them down more than it helps with pain relief.
    8Theresa Gould
    We used a frozen teething ring or teething biscuit.
    I've heard those are awesome, but my boy plays so rough they worry me.
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