Men in Labor

I don't know if any of you ladies have seen this, but one of my friends just linked it to me. Apparently, two guys thought their wives were over-stating how much labor hurt, so they went to a doctor to get it simulated in themselves.... It's funny, but I feel kind of bad at the same time. I used an epidural once I was at 8cm and didn't feel any pain before that, either. All my pain came in the days after giving birth.

What do you think of how they handled it?…

    8Theresa Gould
    I have seen this one or one similar and laughed til I cried! I have always wanted my husband to experience pregnancy and birth just once. :)
      I love this!! I think it should be a right of passage. All men should have to experience this for at least an hour in their lifetime.. if not longer. Maybe they will gain a new respect for women.
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