She Believes She Can Fly

Nina rarely jumps.
She walks, almost runs, crawls, scoots, bounces...but she doesn't jump. That changed last night.

The floor of her bedroom, all around her new toddler bed, is now covered in pillows. It's about a 2 pillow-wide radius on each side that's not against the wall. I mentioned last night how she woke up right as I was going to bed, and realized how much freedom she now has. She almost can't bear it. She thinks her bed is now the best toy EVAR and she just can't handle not having the crib bars around her, so even when she's exhausted, she's too excited to sleep.

Last night, I tucked her back in for what must've been the 30th time. As I started to step over the baby-gate, I heard the mattress springs squeak and a very loud, excited growl. Nina had tried to launch herself after me! Unfortunately, I was too far to catch her, and she thumped her butt rather hard on the carpet. Understandably, she burst into tears, which invoked the magical power of mommy cuddles and hugs. After a while, she was perfectly happy again, but I went on an apartment-wide hunt for every spare bed pillow we have....and we have a lot. Now, she has a landing zone. She hasn't done it again, yet, but just in case...she scared me when she jumped like that.

I'm hoping she gets used to the freedom of her new bed soon, was not a fun night. Luckily, she was ok with it at nap time, though that may be because she stayed up all night last night!

    8Theresa Gould
    I've had a couple like that and my is it scary. My one year old took after my three year old after her sister jumped off the bed...thankfully there was a cushioned landing but my heart lept in my throat when I realized what she was doing. They do things without knowing the consequences sometimes.
      Lol I am very grateful Tristen has yet to get out of his crib. I do not look forward to the move to the toddler bed!
      She sounds like a little daredevil! Lol I love it!
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