Hmmm... the vacuum? Really?

So... since the bf was working all night, he's not on call again until this evening. I LOVE THAT! I absolutely love having him home during the day... Here's what I'm observing right now:

There aren't many things cuter than a man in his tightie whities vacuuming the house (eat your heart out girls! lol)

The dog is not as nervous around a Dyson than she is around the other vacuums.

The boy calms down when the vacuum is on.. I have never noticed this. I must remember this very valuable information.

Does your baby react at all to noises like vacuum cleaners?

    8Theresa Gould
    Some of mine were scared of the vacuum and some of them liked it.
      Madison was scared of the vacuum until a few months ago. Anything that makes loud noises freaks her out.
        Melissa Middleton
        When my son is fussy, the noise of the vacuum soothes him. My dog, on the other hand, doesn't like noises from tools, the lawn mower, and doesn't like it when we clip bushes or trim trees, etc. He gets upset, even with the non-electrical equipment. He also would get mad at the cat for killing mice and moles. Our cat had a baby mole once. The dog was very upset about it. I rescued it, and had to show him it was alive and unharmed so he would calm down. He is not harm vegetation or living creatures in his presence. Lol
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