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So the past few days i have been gettinf stricter and mean what i say.
Last night logan was warned 3times by me to stop jumping on couch and settle down. After the 3rd warning i told him if he jumped and couldnt control himself he can go in his room until bed time snack. Well he tested me and jumped and i told him to go in his room. He went to the stairs and walked up to stairs. Now i yelled and said get up to your room. He didnt listen so i put vince down and walked logan the rest of the way to his room. After vince was done i heard logan banging on his door in aggression. So i walked up there an said now he was going to bed without cartoons and snack. I brushed his teeth and tucked him in. After haiden was done i helped haiden brush his teeth and told logan again to lay down. He finally did after an hr of screaming.

Now today vince had therpy so i told haiden and logan to play upstairs. They did. After vincents therpy i changed his diaper and put him in bed. I walked upstairs and asked nicely for them to clean up the hallway as it was no way to walk. They argued and fought me and refused. I told them nicely to clean up. After 3mins of letting them clean up they argued and wouldnt clean up. So i said fine go to your rooms and i will get a bag and clean it up and this weekend we will take those toys to goodwill. Then all of a sudden came water works and the will to clean. But i told them it was to late to try cuz of arguing and fighting me over it before. I put them in their rooms, got a garabage bag and put all the toys that were on the floor in it. After i was done went into haiden room and he still said he didnt make the mess and thst logan did. I said to him to bad you were playing with it as well and i asked to many times to clean up or there was a conseqence. I shut his door.
I did the same for logan but logan clearly was more upset. But i told logan then he should of listened instead of arguing and fightingz

    8Theresa Gould
    I've actually bagged up stuff and given it away too. It is usually pretty effective and they remember for a good long time. Sometimes we've gotta do what we gotta do.
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