Had my doctors appointment today....

Had my doctor appointment today. I am 35 weeks today. I weighed 172 pre-pregnancy, and I weigh 195 now. I have gained 23pounds. I am 66inches tall so I was already considered over-weight. But my doctor said that I am gaining the right amount of weight. Should I be concerned about the weight I am gaining? I eat healthy and I walk a lot.

    It sounds to me like your weight gain is perfect. You want to gain less than 30lbs in your pregnancy. During the last few weeks it is common to gain a pound a week. So it sounds like you are right on track. Good job!
      I was never unhealthy, I always exercised and ate healthy. But I never looked my weight. this was me before pregnancy, and I weighed 172 , I didn't have a lot of body fat. I am only gaining weight in my belly, not my boobs or butt. So I guess that's a good thing
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