Article: Portion Sizes

Since Charlie has just started on baby food I found this article to be a great help!

I'm glad to read that I've done at least one thing right. When Charlie turns his head away and stops coming toward the spoon, I take that as a cue and put the spoon down.

Do these tips seem right to you?

    That is helpful...and terrifying. I'm so glad we're still nursing, because Maddie is tooooo picky.
      8Theresa Gould
      Sounds about right to me.
        Adalynn will press her lips tightly together. When she is done she is definitely done. It does frustrate me when I see a friend feeding her baby be it food or formula and she keeps shoving it in. Then her baby is upset, crys and arches his back with a tummy ache. And then when her baby pukes she gets mad and doesn't understand why. :(
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