Relationship problems during pregnancy and how to solve them

Even the strongest relationship can go through the ringer when you become pregnant. I think that most of the problems stem from fear. Communication is the best way to solve any issue. Sometimes just taking a step back until you're ready to communicate is the best thing. Remember that as women we go through A LOT of changes during and after pregnancy. I know I'm not the same person I was before I became pregnant. But men go through changes too and it's important that we acknowledge that. Yes, we're in pain and getting huge and our tastes are weird and everything hurts. But daddies feel the strain of those things too. A bit of understanding and compassion from both parents goes a long way.

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      My husband was really great through my pregnancy (unhelpful to this topic, I know). I hear it's how they act during your second that can change and cause some friction.
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        Communication is so important during any season of a relationship.
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