Tips for waking a sleeping baby to breastfeed

This takes me back. My daughter, especially during the first few weeks, would fall asleep a lot during breastfeeding, and as a first-time mom, I was so panicked that she wouldn't get enough to thrive. We ended up having to poke at her a lot, tickle her feet and legs, try to make eye contact with her during the feedings (that is very stimulating), move her and switch between breasts, talk to her, sing to her, break her latch and have her relatch,...and sometimes she would still fall asleep, because for babies that young, nursing is hard and tiring work! I timed my nursing, and aim for ten to fifteen minutes of nursing on each breast. There were times we didn't make it that long, but as long I knew she got a good amount of breastmilk into her, I let it slide.

All in all, looking back, she outgrew this phase pretty quickly, so it won't last too long.

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    8Theresa Gould
    It is hard especially if they are sleeping soundly. I would take off layers or change their diapers if I thought they didn't nurse very long. Or tickling their feet too.
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