Toddler's development: how to teach alphabet

I think what really helped Maddie learn her alphabet and letters was having visual reminders to play and interact with. We had a few toys and items that really helped:

--A wooden alphabet puzzle, with each letter capital and standardized. Ours was made by Janod, but these are common enough to find in many stores.

--A wooden puzzle customized to Maddie's name--MADELEINE. It helped her to learn and identify the letters in her name, and compare with the letters in her alphabet puzzle.

--A letter blanket. A friend got us a blanket for Maddie's baby shower with her name and the full alphabet on it, and next to many letters were animals that had the same first letter. My husband and I would sing the ABCs and point to the letters, and she grew excited and expected it every time she saw the blanket in her room. It eventually got to the point where we had to take the blanket down and put it in the living room for her to play with.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I had puzzles and I posted the alphabet on the wall and pointed to them as you did. The repetition really helps them learn, as does the song.
      4dana Johnson
      I use flash cards and a old keyboard once they get the hang of it somewhat I ask for each letter in order and have them point it out on keyboard.
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