Why does my baby cry and arch her back when feeding?

When an infant cries and arches their back during a feeding it is usually a sign of pain. The two primary causes or gas and reflux.

Try burping your baby before, during and after a feeding to see if this helps. Feeding your baby in a more upright position can also help. Make sure that the baby is latched onto the breast properly to avoid swallowing air or make sure the bottle is held properly. Infant gas drops or gripe water can also be given.

Reflux is another common reason for crying and arching their back during a feeding. Reflux is usually outgrown as the child's muscles get stronger and more mature. Reflux can also cause frequent spitting up or even projectile vomiting but it doesn't have too. If you suspect your baby is suffering from reflux you should feed them small, frequent feedings. Keep your baby upright for about 30minutes after a feeding. Your doctor might be able to prescribe medication that help.

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