Your big kids and friends

Both of my kids have a variety of friends. Most I like, some I tolerate and one or two that I internally groan when I see.

I also had a huge variety of friends growing up and I know my mom didn't like a few of them.

Have you had an issue with your child being friends with someone you really didn't like? Have they had any friends that you were really glad to see them get close to?

And for fun, here's an article about the different kinds of friends your child will have. I had to laugh, I could relate to a lot of it!…

    Alyssa Martinez
    My neighbor just got custody of his 14 year old daughter. ::sigh:: he is a nice guy but he def has several mental health issues that he will gladly tell you about. His daughter is a nice girl but boy does she have issues too. She used to come over on the weekends and would occasionally see my daughter. It stopped it quick because she was 4 years older and knew too much. Now she gets off the bus each day with my daughter and comes directly over to see if she can come out. I tell her no, she has homework and chores to do. Yesterday my daughter was left home for a little bit so I could run to the grocery store. She knows not to answer the door for anyone. Well this little girl kept knocking on her window and eventually my daughter answered. They text me asking if Makayla could go outside. My daughter was immediatly grounded for even answering the window. When i arrived home the girl was sitting at the end of her driveway waiting for me to come home. She then asked if Makayla could come out. I told her no she is grounded. The little girl then decides to text my phone and ask why she is grounded. I did not answer back but was thinking WHAT!!! Why in the world would this girl ask a parent that. Its not like I could go to the dad and say hey get your daughter in control..hes just as unmannerly as her. My daughter really doesnt wanna hang with her but feels bad. This is someone I do not want my daughter around esp with all of our issues we are having. So i do feel your pain in the kids that you groan about!
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