Dr. Oz and supplements

How many people watch Dr. Oz. I admit I hardly ever do but it seems that Congress does! They questioned him about promoting "wonder drugs" for weight loss and facial rejuvenation. He admitted that these products would not pass "scientific muster". Interesting! Have you ever tried something because he or another TV doctor recommended it?

    If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Most of the things he is talking about are way too good to be true. I hate that people believe him but I am glad to hear Congress is giving him a hard time.
      I heard all about this chatter.. and what gets me the most is... WHY is Congress spending time on this? Seriously? If people can not be due diligent about their health themselves.. then too bad! I hate how someone is always responsible for someone else.. everyone has their own mind.. do your research.. stop looking for quick fixes, etc.. I just think the whole thing is pretty redic! Dr. Oz is doing TV plugs to get money.. any sensible person would know this.. I think the hand holding in America needs to stoppp! Okay.. rant over!
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