I sooooo do not understand Men

So Today we were suppose to hear about our status on getting a home loan. Well my husband is the one emailing the guy talking to him over the phone. i asked him at 2pm today if he has heard from him. "Nope still waiting" he said. When he got home from work I asked him again and what do you know no. So I said call him. Then he gets mad at me and said if I don't hear from him by friday ill call. He said I dont understand why you are freaking out. We have like 45 days left to either buy a house or rent till we have to move out. Ughh... Men!!!

    My goodness, I'm not trying to down play the situation you are going through, because it sounds extremely frustrating! But I know what you are going through, we have six weeks left until we will be in a new state, I'm 25 weeks prego and before I found the house we will rent, Luke said its no big deal we can just go with the flow and stay in a motel until we find something.... They just don't get it sometimes, God love them!
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