Do NOT tell a pregnant woman these things!

This list made me laugh and remember SO many of these instances.. wish I could share this article with the WORLD and clue people in!

I HATED being asked "how are you feeling?" ..really? How do you think? Tired, Nervous, Anxious, Big... let's just admit it's a FILLER question, ask me something more exciting!!!

I also hated when one close friend told me her most AWFUL labor horror story.. our other friends (all whom have had babies) looked at me in horror and assured me their stories were nothing like it.. it honestly didn't scare me, I just found it rather rude.. I would NEVER share something so bad or scary, even if it did happen, with some expecting - they need positive thoughts!

I also hated people inquiring if I was going to nurse or not.. really? What's it to YOU! I find this so so rude and weird and awkward.

Anyways.. which one on this list happened to you most often? Which one bothered you the most?…

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