~~bounces around making squeaks of uncontrollable happiness~~

Over the past couple days, I've had a mystery caller. Somebody with a Virginia Area Code kept calling me; every day, each time leaving a voice message...I normally do not answer calls from numbers that I don't recognize. I judge by the voice mail if it's worth calling back or not.

There were two problems with this.
A) The voice message was awful, awful quality. Loud noises, a broken, unintelligible voice. I had no idea what they were trying to say.
B) Every time I called back, I got the exact same sounds. Loud noises, broken voices, etc.

It happened again today, while I was at my eye exam (they ask that you turn off cell phones to avoid messing with the equipment). I called back, like I have been, trying to figure out who the heck this is, only this time I could actually barely make out what they were saying: "This is the Truxtun."

Instant burst of heart attack.
I explained what I was trying to do, who I was trying to reach, and the guy on the other end knew who I was talking about: The mopey, dark haired, glasses-wearing, new IT guy who just came on board a few days ago. He says he'll let him know I called, and that was that. We hung up.

An hour goes by, and I'm just spazzing out mentally. Nina's napping, and I'm just brimming with hope and the potential for disappointment. The phone rings, and it's the Truxtun again. My husband had been trying to call me for the past few days! I felt awful >.< He was baffled, wondering why I didn't pick up since he had left messages...he didn't know how bad the quality was!

Long story short, my husband is going to try to call me every day! Woo! Life suddenly just got 800 times better, just because of a phone call.

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