Best Poopy Diaper Story

You mean I have to pick one? Just one??? LOL I have so many, but I think the best one is when our son was three days old. We got him all dressed in his cute little outfit, buckled in the car seat and headed downstairs in the elevator (4 stories to the parking lot)... About story 3, he started to poop...and continued until we got off.. I only took one going home outfit.. He pooped EVERYWHERE. It was clear up to his neck and all the way to his toes. Not to mention the poor car seat. The nurses joked he was the first baby to take a bath in the bathroom sink (yes, they sanitized when we were done). He went home in one of those hospital shirts and we lined his car seat with the hospital changing pads and covered him with a hospital blanket-yes, he got his blanket, too. The story went in his baby book and it's one we will never forget.

..I now pack TWO outfits for baby....

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    I know what you mean, pick JUST ONE??? lol

    I always tell everyone that my sweet baby Isabella is quite explosive... meaning you can usually hear her going potty in the next room. :) One night at three am, I was breastfeeding her and trying not to wake up completely when she started to go. Pretty soon, I had a warm feeling on my hand. I looked down and there was poo all over my hand and on my pants. LOL. Nothing will wake you up faster then being pooed on! :) I quickly put her on the changing table and started to change her, but there was poo everywhere. I bent down to throw the diaper away and I could hear her going more, it rocketed out of her and all over the changing table! I was just glad that it didn't get on my face since my face was near that area at the time :) lol

    Another one was when I was changing her at her grandmas house on the bed. I had just taken her diaper off and had a clean one under her and she sneezed and poo went flying out of her lol Got on the diaper and on the blanket I had laid down. :)
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