my tubal reversal

We've decided we want to try and start a new chapter in life. But I'm so worried. I care for my father who is 84 and I home school my daughter who is 14. I can not work at the moment so everything is on my husband. I've investigated so much and found that the most expensive safe thing is in Mexico for my 3,000 dollars for everything including 2 nights stay paid. I just so stressed being on a fixed income and wanting a baby to give to our family as a new page to our relationship of it 6 years. We've just been through so much I'm just having a really hard time to not just sit and cry because I can't help him by getting a job. What do I do and how can I get this much (yet a small amount for a baby in my arms) together? Help what do I do somebody anybody?

    thank you for this insight. im trying to look at options of payment plans here in the states.
      i'm in Arkansas so closer to Alabama and georgia maybe i don't know never really thought about it. I love this sight it has helped so much on my stress level to know others have the same feelings as myself.
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      I am 42 but am married to a wonderful man whom has never had the experience of being a father. I've had my tubes tied but have heard that there is still a chance of pregnancy.Is this true and what can I do