Tummy Time

I usually don't do too much of this because the only way my kids will sleep good is on their stomachs-although Grace is breaking that mold, she's started taking naps on her back.

I just put Grace on the floor on her tummy with some toys to look at..of course the big kids decided she was lonely and quickly surrounded her. Grace kept looking at me like 'why am I down here??'.

I turned her over and the 'complaining' noises turned to happy jabber and she is nice and content looking at a stuffed lion and talking to him. And she can see the big kids better which she loves.

    Charlie hated tummy time, we just had to keep working through it. I'd put him down and as soon as his face would turn sour I'd pick him up. Then I found this tummy time pillow at walmart.. oh how I wish I would have found that thing in the first place! It took maybe 3 times and it was a hit! It was kind of like a boppy but had this crinkly material and toys hanging off the other side. I recommend it to anyone who's having tummy time problems.
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