Help me If you know what i Can do thanks

i need some help i don't have insurance and really wanna know what to do me and my girlfriend just got engaged and wanna have a baby how do i have a baby i mean my tubes are tide but they want over 6 thousand dollars i just don't have it.. is there any way there any way u could have a surgery done to have a baby please help if you know what i can do thank you!!

    no shes more of a dude type she doesnt wanna carry the baby i wanna carry the baby so theres no way i could carry the baby and i could have a baby.. so tubal and surrogacy thats it..
      thats good idea wil care credit help with adoption? i would like to maybe do that but i still wanna carry the baby and be pregnant i loved being pregnant :)
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      trying to have a baby with my girlfrind please help i have two beautiful kids with my x,