Hero saves baby girl on highway!

This guy rocks! A good samaritan, who had been in jail for 10 years, rescued this little baby girl! Such a neat story and a happy ending, thanks to him! http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/25806476/parents-f…

    That sounds eerily similar to what my uncle went through in South Carolina.
    My Uncle and cousin were driving and there was a traffic back up where there wasn't normally traffic. A truck had stopped because of a toddler in the road. For whatever reason the kid wouldn't let anybody near him (just screamed) for the five minutes before my uncle and cousin got there... For whatever reason, my uncle and cousin were able to pick the kid up and sit with him by the side of the road. They got traffic going again and called the cops.. The big sister who was supposed to be watching and mom came from the trailer court, but my uncle wouldn't let them leave with the toddler until the cops got there fearing the same thing would happen again without cop involvement. Mom was arrested for child endangerment and kids are in foster care-not the first time the 8 year old was left in charge, but it was the first time the toddler got out.
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