Brilliant. But could you do it?

This report of a Craigslist ad brings to mind a situation in my own family. Being brought up as the first born son to immigrant Roman Catholic parents from Italy, there are some things you just don't do. Calling your parents to ask for money because "the car blew up" while you are out of town, then telling them you really needed the money because you got eloped in Tahoe to a girl they hate... is just one thing YOU DO NOT DO... I digress.

This mama was ready to give the coveted truck to her son that he had wanted for so long. Instead she's selling the truck because he came home from spring break with news that he got married.

I think the good news that this mother can be happy about is that this kid was definitely born with all body parts in tact, more specifically a pretty strong set, if you know what I mean.. though I'm not sure how long he would have stayed in tact in this house.

So.. what are your thoughts?

    I wouldn't have bought the truck in the first place. I would have helped them save for it, but I don't have it like that.

    As far as the marriage, even if I thought it was an incredibly stupid move I would still keep it to myself. I might ask them if they were sure it was a good decision but other than that, it's not my business.

    That said, if you can make a decision like that and be grown about it then you better be paying your own bills, buying your own food and not expecting to live in my house. If you are going to be an adult then be one.
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