Funny mom and dad stories

I think so far, aside from any poopy diaper because those are ALWAYS funny in this house, is the day that we found out what gender the baby would be.

There we were, watching the monitor and the little baby moving around here and there, both in awe of what we had created. The tech asked if we wanted to know, we gave each other a glance to make sure we were still in agreement. We DID want to know. And she said, okay.. do you see that right there? You're having a boy! I was so relieved. I had really been rooting for a boy. Ed got misty eyed but he'll never admit that.

I think that's pretty much how most stories go.. until his phone rang. Now, normally he would never answer the phone at a time like this but it was his boss calling. Then the following ensued...

"Hello? Hey boss... Yep, just looking at pictures of my sons wiener!" My eyes got as big as saucers but I was too happy to say anything. Later on I asked if he ever really thought about the way things sounded before he said them...obviously not.

Let's hear your funny story!

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    Oh my gosh!!! That is hilarious!!!
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