I did it.

So i started going through my many boxes of sell, keep, donate so i could organize storage closets.
In one closet i have my keep stuff like carseats, potty seats. In the others i have my stuff for local kid consignment shop for winter. Behind that is the 2t and 3t stufd for when vince grows into it. And close to that is stuff for haiden to grow into. All boxes are marked of what is what.
And stuff i am donating to good will and local consignment shop are ready. Just have to pile it up in van and take it there

Next will be the bin of our old clothes and what is going to goodwill. I just dont feel like grabbing it out of the garage and sorting it out. That might be my project for saturday.

    8Theresa Gould
    Doesn't it feel good to go through everything? I so need to do this. Hopefully during the winter because it won't happen over the summer.
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