Do you drive or does your partner?

When you get in the car, who gets behind the drivers wheel most often?

In my experience men like to be the drivers. I'm okay with that, haha.

What has your experience been?

    I drive. My husband used to be the driver. It's his car, he had his license first, he taught me to drive, etc...and then he left for boot camp, and I had the car and I used it for groceries and goin places etc. When Nina and I moved down to Florida, to be with him during his final 6 months of schooling, I still did the driving. He didn't like driving anymore, after 9 months of not driving, it felt weird to him. Now I do all the driving, except when he's at work cuz then he has the car.
      8Theresa Gould
      Usually hubby. I drive 2-4 hours every morning and am ok with him driving. Even before the doing the paper routes I was fine with it. If we go out as a family we take two cars so we are both driving.
        My husband does normally. Driving isn't my favorite thing...I prefer to be driven! Sometimes I sit in the backseat just to feel special! Lol
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