The Little Things...

It's just not fair.
I didn't really care for kids one way or the other my entire life...and now this little beanie-baby comes along and somehow melts my heart just by toddling over to me on her little legs and feet and cuddling up with a hug against me.

Why? Why does she have this power?
I can be in a horrible mood, and she comes over all toddling and opens her arms wide and snuggles against me and that bad mood evaporates on the spot! Children shouldn't be so powerful!

How is it that one little girl's silly squeaks and laughs and smiles brighten my life so much? Is it just to make up for the times that she drives me nuts?

The Little Things...The Little Things...The Little Things...
Lol exactly. I have to clean your massive poos every day, feed you, bathe you, keep you occupied and healthy...put up with your tantrums, soothe your ouchies, keep you from eating my shoes and my books and my clothes and the floor and the toilet, and somehow use my inadequate life experience to teach you everything I can to prepare you for life and by the end of the day, I'm exhausted. I just want to stick you in bed and have done with you for the night...and then you come toddling over, smiling and babbling and just cuddle into me and sigh and sit...and my heart just melts. I forgive you for all the stress you've put me through every single day for 14 straight months and the 9 months before that, too, all with one cuddle!
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