..you can try many things!

So sometimes it is hard for a sweet little baby to get used to self soothing at nighttime, for bedtime.. which it's normal.. so don't fret! Think how sometimes it's hard for YOU to go to sleep, let alone a tiny baby that wants to be near you :)

Anyways.. here are some options and ideas..

- get them used to white noise of some sort.. this most always has a soothing effect and can help them start to recognized when it's bedtime!
- help them use their paci to sleep.. this could mean giving it to them to start and even if they spit it out, quietly going back in, putting it in for them and leaving..
- back rubs.. whenever Monroe cries a bit in the middle of the night and we know it's just because he woke up for no reason.. I will go next to his crib, rub his back, say shhh, it's okay, you're fine and it really seems to help!

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