Advice on paint?

Hi mamas! I'll be painting one of our rentals this weekend. Normally I stick with white everything because it's easier to match when a renter moves out. But this house in particular is way too cute for white.

When you paint, what do you do to find the right color? Go to the store and look at those swatch things? Do you use an app? Or some other online thingamajig? I know what color I'd like but every time I'm faced with a wall of color I get lost. Any advice is appreciated.

I know what color is in my head but every time I try to look I get really backwards and can't find it. The cabinets are a very light wood, if I had to say what color they are I'd say it's like unfinished wood. Small white glossy tiles on the wall between cabinet and countertop. Very small so no dark or even medium would be good.

The color I'm seeing in my head is like a light denim.
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