Terrible 5s???

My daughter refuses to go to bed and when I say refuses, she pulls out all the stops from saying nasty things, the famous "i don't love you!" to slamming her door and constantly screaming, kicking her feet, and getting out of bed at least 30 times in one hour. This has been beyond miserable and on top of that, I live with other people so they are not too thrilled either. I've done everything- grounding, redirection, eliminating all possible reasons to get out of bed, and resorting to spanking when really out of control. Im starting to lose it!! Any advice for coping?? Please tell me this is just a phase and that I'm not the only one that has or is going through this?!

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      Ah so sorry hon! I haven't had to go through this yet. But I'll tell you what worked for me. I can remember it from a very young age and I know a lot of moms will disagree. When me and my brothers refused to go to bed, mom and dad let us stay up as long as we wanted provided we stay in our rooms and not get into things.

      Then at 5am it was time for chores. We weren't allowed a nap. We did chores. All. Day. Long.

      Needless to say, we couldn't wait to get to bed early the next night.. and the next and the next.. and a routine was born.

      I'm sure it was tough on my parents hearing us whine all day but they knew they were teaching us a lesson so they did well.
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