Love in the Time of the Toad

Oh what a darling article.. this sweet author shares a slice of commonplace life with us all.. he's older having young children and finally comes to terms with the goodness in life really and that he is and his family is mortal.. that it's time to soak in the common moments, because they actually are the best moments in life.. that even though we loathe the dirty kitchen from kids, the endless bath/bedtime routine.. that is what makes life TICK!

Do you feel the same way this author does?…

    Oh goodness.. so much yes.

    I'm 34, Ed is 48. Although there are times we sure wish we could get up off of the floor like we did in our 20's, or not put our child's graduation and daddy's 70th birthday in the same year... we would trade nothing for the looks we get from people. The "oh look at how put together their life is. They're so wise" it's all wrong. They have no idea that we're terrified and don't know what we're doing... but I would change none of it.
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