Article: Florida mom....

I simply can't believe any mother would do this to her babies. This 'mother,' if you can even call her that, branded her two little girls to 'tell them apart from one another.' First of all: they aren't twins, it should be no problem telling them apart. Second: YOU SHOULD NOT HARM YOUR CHILD(REN)!!!! What in the world was she thinking!?!? She apparently has something not wired in her brain right because this is just sick to me. I can't believe this even has to be in the news. I feel so bad for these little girls.…

    I just finished reading that and just...what the hell, man? You can't BRAND your kids! Twins, not twins, not even if they're sextuplets! Or slam their head into the wall...and it's not ok just because you gave them ice cream afterwards. How can you not tell a 5 and a 7 year old are yours, or NEED a brand to tell them apart? I'm glad they were taken from her. That's just horrible.
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