Is this going to be to hard on them

So let me explain something both my boys are not very good at education.
Haiden is the worse one. He knows a lot about science stuff like dinosaurs and animals so i think science will be his strong subject in school. But my main concern with him his how far behind he is in math, reading and writing. He is going to first grade and can only count to 20 without messing up and going all over. He has no idea what one plus one is but he can tell u what number is greater or smaller than the other. He was not reading or writing at the level they wanted him to by the end of kindergarten and he still struggles to recognize words. He does know how to spell stop, his name, the, cat, dog, zoo and a few others. He cant comprehend what he reads either.

Now logan he is a lot better than haiden when it comes to stuff. He can count to 15 without messing up, he knows his abcs but cant recoginze letters, he can scribble and color but cant write letters. Basic stuff. Only thing i need to work with him on is tracing letters and be able to get him to recognize his name and write it. And maybe even teach him the seasons.

So what i did was i took haidens iphone(used as a game device) and deleted all his fun games and put math, spelling, reading stuff on it. I will also have him read and write and i want him to be counting to 100 by fall before school, and reading easy books. I also put apps on the ipad as well so i can sit with them and help them as they learn.
I only plan on having logan be able to write letters, and his own name.

    Charlie is only 6 months so I'm not there yet. I'm not sure what they should know at a certain age, but I know that Sheila can probably help with this, so can Christina (I can't tag her for some reason) because they've both been in teaching situations.

    I think that replacing the "fun" stuff with more educational stuff is a great idea. Especially since he seems to already know how to use the device.
      I do plan on working in small steps with haiden.
      I want him to be able to count to 25 consistantly before going to 30 and so on. My hopes is to get him to 100 before school but if not its ok as long as he is counting higher and can recoginze numbers better i did what i could.
        Some time ago, you posted about the boys' behavioral issues. The difficulty in learning may be tied to this as well. If they have a hard time sitting still and concentrating, it makes it hard to learn. Will you be speaking to their pediatrician about this? I think he/she may be able to recommend some course of action. For your older son, you may want to have an assessment done. Logan may still be too young...

        Also, I very much agree with what Christina recommended. One other thing I would add is that you should put labels all around your house with words, and tell Haiden that treats are being the word "kick", for example. He has to find that word, and he gets a treat. Each day, it's a different word. So you teach sight words at the same time as you make it a fun game. Can do something similar for numbers and basic math. Last recommendation: sign up for the Bedtime Math newsletter. They are great!

        Good luck!
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