Sheesh why do I feel so nervous? Help mamas!

So.. Ed's all-class reunion is coming up in a few weeks. We live in a really small town so I'm 90% sure that I've met all of his classmates. He's one of these nice guys that everyone adores... including me.

But.. I've been feeling ick about my looks lately. I've gained more weight since I've had Charlie than I did through my entire pregnancy. Granted that was only 9 pounds but that's beside the point.

First. I don't think I'm ugly, but when I stand next to Ed I feel.. so blah. He's a handsome guy. Tall, thin, a great smile, and so nice. And I'm.. hmm.. I'm short, heavy, loudmouthed.. I don't have 5 strands of stick straight blonde hair like a lot of these girls around here has. And I have his baby.

I don't usually do this. I've handled my own in my lifetime. I've never apologized for being heavy, or not as pretty. But now.. I don't know what it is. Lately I feel like maybe I shouldn't go. Like maybe I'd embarrass him? It's important to mention that he DOES NOT make me feel that way. This is just me talking.

How do you snap yourself out of this kind of funk?

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    You are the sweetest, thank you! I've been big my whole life. It's not like I don't know how to handle it.. It just feels like since I had Charlie, my usual go-to cute stuff that makes me feel decent just don't fit right anymore. Luckily I have Charlie so he'll be the center of attention and I don't have to worry about me. But everyone knows Ed y'know? He's very successful, so smart, so.. good. And I'm just not. I just want them to see him and say yeah, he did good. Luckily my kid is super cute so I can hide behind him..haha
      That's one of the many reasons I'm avoiding my class reunion this year... I just don't want to feel the insecurities. But hey, hide behind Charlie. :) The only reason I snap out of this is to tell my husband. I'll see pictures of women he grew up-absolutely gorgeous, blonde hair, hour glass figures-and I know he used to date them and it's just intimidating..
      I agree with Laura-go and be proud he PICKED YOU. :) The other girls can kiss your butt. heehee.
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