Meaning of spotting when getting pregnant

Trying to conceive—that time in our lives when we noticed EVERY LITTLE THING about our bodies in hopes they mean ovulation or pregnancy. I think this is a pretty important stage in a woman's life.... I know a lot of women don't pay much attention to their body's little signals until they are trying to conceive. Then, at least for me, I swear it seems like my body starts going haywire. I'm sure it's not, all the “quirks” are probably there all the time and always have been, I just wasn't paying enough attention.

Oily hair and skin? Must be ovulating (no, it has nothing to do with switching shampoos and it being hot outside, SWEAR!)
Acne? Must be pregnant. (Or did I forget to wash my face last night)
Nauseous? Must be pregnant. (How clean was that sushi place, really>)
Libido? Must be ovulating (Nothing to do with those tight new jeans hubby has. Nevermind it's the day before my period should show. Nope.)

And so on... But the one. Most ambiguous. Big. Drive me batty. Obvious symptom when trying to get pregnant.... Spotting.

I'm sorry, I don't have any other body parts that just randomly bleed, so every time I spot I think it must mean SOMETHING.... like something meaningful. I guess I just have that association in my head somewhere that spouting blood is inherently meaningful.

Of course, I always HOPE that spotting when getting pregnant is implantation! Now, I don't know that I've ever actually had implantation bleeding unless it was with an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy... I always still hope like mad that any pink tinge or quick brown spot or just a teensy bit of red, must be my sweet lil baby burrowing in to stick around for 9 months.

However, usually it's the beginning of my period. I swear, I NEVER spotted 'til I was trying to get pregnant. I always started in... ehm... full flow. But... ever since I found out about implantation bleeding, it's like it happens pretty frequently. Talk about a roller coaster when it first started happening.

In the case of already being pregnant... spotting could be leftover blood from implnatation that took a while to travel down and out.

It could also be a (usually harmless) subchorionic hemorrhage. Often times these clear up on their own.

And, unfortunately, it can also be the beginning of miscarriage, as that's how mine started.

So... if you're NOT already pregnant... I'd wait and see. Could be implantation! Baby dust!

And if you ARE already pregnant... I'd call my OB. Sometimes they want you to wait and see if it picks up. Other times they want you to see if it tapers off and take it easy until your next visit. The ER's always open, so if you're like me and NEED to know something, you can always pop in and try to get an ultrasound.

I don't know if this is across all hospitals, but I was told when they checked me in the hospital that the well-being of the baby wasn't what they were looking for so much as making sure mom's not in danger eg with an ectopic pregnancy, at least not until later in pregnancy. This seemed fishy to me as I was supposed to have been 12 weeks. A lot of you know the story, so I won't reiterate it here... But is that normal? I would think no matter what stage you're at, if they would be able to check on baby thoroughly too, they should.

Anyway... I'm rambling.

What does spotting mean normally when getting pregnant in your knowledge and/or experience?

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    I never did either.
      8Theresa Gould
      It meant miscarriage to me. I had some pink in my first pregnancy after intercourse but after that pregnancy it meant I was losing baby. :(
        I never spotted and think most women do not. Doctors usually consider ANY spotting as having an actual period. Of course when pregnant that is different. There are many noted women that have had a period a few months into pregnancy and the baby be perfectly fine, although this is not the norm. Everyone is different and knowing YOUR body is always the be source of what is normal and not for you.
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